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Sorry ladies

Sorry I haven't posted all that much, I have just been so tired lately and with working and joshua I haven't gotten much scrapping lately. I was hoping to do some today, but I woke up not feeling well. I did make a card the other day for my mom but that has been about it.. I might share that if I feel better.. But I just wanted to let you girls know I haven't just up and disappeared on you guys.

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I know how it gets. Take it easy, post when you can. I sure hope you feel better fast!

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no need to apologize! Smile we all have our ups and downs with scrapping mojo....well i sure do anyway. lol. I hope you feel better soon too!

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Glad you could at least drop in and say hi!!!

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Oh don't you worry chick! I go through fits and starts with it too. Biggrin

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I believe we've all got our ups and downs girl. Smile No worries. Hope you're up and at em soon.

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Hope you feel better soon! Smile

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totally understand! Hope you find some time to yourself to scrap before too long!

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I TOTALLY understand. Hope you get some scrapping time soon!