Sound strips?

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Sound strips?

I recall that someone on here purchased sound stripes or sound strips on ebay. I was wondering if you had used them and how they were working out for you.

Also, has anyone on here used any of the sound devices they make for scrapbooking?

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I've only seen one a friend did. She put her wedding dance song on one and put it in her wedding album. Hers had a wand thing that you scanned over it and it would play. Pretty neat!! She bought it at a local scrap store here. Haven't seen a strip one, hers was a round little disk.

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YUP!! I have the Sound Stipes! I bought it on ebay a couple of years ago. My hubby did a layout of Grave Digger and recorded some sound from a tv program that had Grave Digger. Here's what it looks like and I also included a video I did as well. Sadly though, I haven't used it since. Maybe I outta really do that, right? Smile

and the video: