speaking of sharing layouts

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speaking of sharing layouts

There was a thread recently about being uncomfortable with your family viewing your pages on your facebook/myspace page. I have mine on my photobucket account, which is also where my pics of Carson are, so my family members all have a link to it. Now, I am totally fine with my family looking at the pages, but this is what bothers me. My MIL prints them out and puts them in her photo album of Carson. It's not that the pages are personal or anything, but I make them specially for me/DH/Carson. It bothers me a little bit that the prints them for herself just because they are not meant for her. I'm going to make her her own scrapbook for Christmas. Part of me wants to ask her to not print those other pages for herself, but she is awesome and I don't want to hurt her feelings so part of me thinks I'm being petty. Well, that's my story.

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Hmmm...I would agree that would be a little uncomfortable. No great words of advice other than to do what your instinct tells you to do regarding this. HUGS!

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I completely understand that. If you do not want others to have those pages then set up a second photobucket account and use that for only your scrapbooking. I do not mind sharing my pages with family as well but would be a little upset if they started printing off the pictures of them.

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I agree, maybe a seperate (locked) photobucket account specifically for your scrapbook pages! I would not like them being printed either. It's something that is special for you and your family, not for everyone to be printing off.

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i agree i totally would not like it if family were printing off pics or pics of pages. Those are for your private scrapbooks for you and your lo. That's pretty rude. I don't think she would appreciate it if such a thing was done to her.

If you want to avoid the confrontation though I would definitely suggest not putting the LOs in the same photobucket account. Is there any way to lock the pictures so they cannot be copied and saved?

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Joan -- I've got the same problem! I'm the one with the inlaws who are a little too nosy and I took down my scrapbook layouts from my facebook. I honestly wouldn't be surprised if they have printed some of my stuff, too. That's just the way they are. grrrr ...

I'm thinking of doing what others suggested and creating a different photobucket account just for my pages and other misc stuff I post. I currently have mine in a different folder than my DDs pictures, but I know they still probably snoop around there too. Now if I could just find the time to do it! Smile

In the mean time, could you let them know that you plan on printing a scrapbook for them -- so there's really no need to print the pics on their own? Or is it going to be a surprise gift?

Good luck!