Special Dress LO

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Special Dress LO

I think this is going to be my entry for the frames contest... used the digital 365 add on (free!) kit by DeDe Smith (DesignZ by DeDe)

journaling: Papa D!ck (can't write his name here!), Patty, and Uncle Lee came to visit and we got dressed up to eat. Mommy put a pretty new dress and tights on Scout. We took some pictures before we realized... the dress was on backwards! Don’t worry, we fixed it before we left the house.

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Ahh so so cute! I love that each picture frame matches the coordinating papers around it.

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Great journalling telling the REAL story Wink

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Good job on that LO Carrie. Love that little dress too, so pretty!

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cute layout!! I love the story! it will be nice to look at and read about when she gets older.. Wink

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Very cute LO and story!

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great page!! what a cute memory to scrap!! hehe

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great LO! you have to come back here and tell us how hard she laughed in about 10 years Wink

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Very cute! Dede has cute kits.

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This is VERY cute! Love your use of patterned paper!

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cute! I love all the different coordinating papers Smile

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so cute!!!

and reminds me of a dress that Jordan wore ... I took her and Andrew to get pictures take for a Father's Day gift - her dress was on backwards the whole time! I giggle every time I look at that picture now.

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What a cute page and such a cute dress! I love the heart with the date!