Spit Happens

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Spit Happens

This is my DD - I was taking pictures of her and just as I pressed the button to take the picture, she spit up. I thought it was funny, so I did a page about it. Smile

Mommy was taking some pretty pictures of you at 9 weeks old and you spit up just as she took the picture. It would have been a good picture, but you know, spit happens!

A Joyful Heart kit - Krista Mettler
Note Paper, Live life tag - Inside Beauty Kit - Vera Lim
Tag, String - These Little Moments kit - Lisa Sisneros
'Spit' - Sexy tractor alpha - Lauren Reid
'Happens' - Alpha Outlines - Michelle Coleman
Font - Hanger, Jayne Print

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I love it!!!!!!!!!

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wow that looks really nice! Is the Krista Mettler a freebie or one you bought? Either way can you link me to it please!?

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Cute, I love it!!!

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ROFL That's too cute! I love making pages out of things you wouldn't normally do! Well done!

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Ha! That is adorable Biggrin

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"gaidinsgirl" wrote:

wow that looks really nice! Is the Krista Mettler a freebie or one you bought? Either way can you link me to it please!?

I had to go searching, as I bought it when she was a Studio Girl at Scrapbookgraphics, but she's no longer there I guess ... I found it here:

Hope that helps!

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Priceless!! I love it!

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That's pretty darn cute, and the look on her face is like, "Oops!" Great idea for a page.

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LOL! this one had me LITERALLY LOL!!!!! FANTASTIC job!

TFS ... you really made my day. Smile


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Love it!!
Your DD is such a cutie!

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Cute LO, Trina! TFS!

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That is sooo very cute! Your DD is adorable!

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Crack me up! Wouldnt ya know it, thats how things go I guess! Very cute!

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I love that title. It almost makes me wish my babies spit up. I LOVE that paper.

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I love it too!!! The colors are wonderful.

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Very cute! Smile

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That is perfect!

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oh, the journaling totally makes it, ya know? love it!

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Fantastic layout! The picture is priceless.