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Splish Splash

I think I'm getting into this digital thing LOL. I just wish I could find out how to "rip" pages and do the curly paged thing.

Another from DS's first bday (yeah I knwo it was four years ago. I'm REALLY behind!)

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Oooooh, I love that. Where di you get the papers & embelishments?

GOOD job!

I don't even want to talk about how far behind I am!!!

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That layout is adorable! As for the ripped/curled pages and frames, usually those are just templates that people download and then fit their pictures in. Look around in different digital shops, they're everywhere! Wink

Oh, and those pictures are too cute!! And I love the doodled bubbles. Great job!

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Very cute!!!!!!!!!!!!

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I got the polka dotted paper, the bubbles and the tag from two peas in a bucket I think.

The brads and fun fiber from freedigitalscrapbooking (if I remember right I need to organize for real)

And then the blue paper is just a background I made on elements.

This is still stuff from his first birthday. How funny is that?

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Thats very cute, I love the painted paper effect. And your ds is too cute in the bucket.

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Very, very cute! I love the bubbles! Well done! I am behind too!

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that looks great!! love the diagonal line... how the two background pages are separated!! Smile

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WOW That looks amazing!! Oh that is so adorable! I wish I had thought of something like that!

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That is TOOO cute! I love those pics!

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very cute! Good JOb!!!

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oh, what a CUTE PAGE! and I love that dotted paper, it's adorable. Wink