sports posters - BANDWIDTH HEAVY

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sports posters - BANDWIDTH HEAVY

Since Gwen asked me about sharing these, I will!!! I don't take a lot of prodding ... I have been meaning to share for some time. It's the closest thing to scrapping I've been doing lately.

Here are a few samples of the posters I've been playing around with the past few months:

soccer poster #1 (this is the template I'm using to make for each of the kids on Loli's team):

soccer poster #2 (this one is not done yet ... it will have more "stats" on the right side soon):

karate poster #1:

karate poster #2:

judo poster #1:

judo poster #2:

I've actually printed most of these at a variety of sizes. We even had one printed (a different template) at 20" x 30" and gave to DH's folks for their anniversary. There are several printed and hanging in our offices as well. Smile

The only "draw back" is that Loli thinks everything he does should be "posterized" now! Smile


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Those are amazing!! I bet you have so many mothers asking you to make one for them huh?!

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wow those are awesome!!!

if u dont mind me asking what program do you use to design them?

i can't wait for ds to start playing sports but we have several years to go.

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I saw a few of those on the photography board, and I loved them! You are doing an amazing job on those and I am SURE the parents will adore them! TFS! Biggrin

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Uh Wow is all I can say. I am totally and completely speechless. Those are sooo cool.

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Those are great! Are you really making them for the whole team?

I'm not surprised he wants them for everything now. They are awesome!

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GiGi, like I said yesterday, I think these are awesome! The Judo01 is still my favorite, but I love the karate one with the filmstrip too. I showed Andrew the first one yesterday and he wants to be a purple dragon too. Lol

One of my neighbors asked if I was going to market the idea to our soccer team. Like you, I find that the hours it takes to do one can make it nearly impossible. I think it's great that you're doing it, I know I can't!

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Thank you all for your kind comments! I have had a lot of fun playing with these as of late - they have been my one creative outlet.

I am using photoshop 7.0 to do all of my work. I wish I had a more recent version of PS, but it's just not in the budget (at home or at work).

I'm kicking around the idea of trying to actually market these to the moms & dads on the various teams Loli is on ... plus one mom in my office wants me to push it to the folks on her son's baseball team. Right now though ... this is strictly for fun, as time permits. Smile

Again, thank you everyone. You've made my day (& I needed it today).


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I love them!!! your so talented!!:D

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Those are so cool. I love the Judo Poster #1 the best!

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Those are completely awesome. I want to save them for when my kid is into sports so I can copy them! (not sure I am organized enough for that though Wink )

BTW - you have a typo on the last one - attainablelies is all one word.

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Those turned out great. I love that fact that Loli wants everything 'posterized'!

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Those are amazing!!

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Super cool!! Loli must really feel like a star Biggrin

Great idea! TFS!

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Those are AMAZING! seriously, WOW! Can I hire you on to help me make my son's invites that I have spent the last month trying to work onand they are nowhere near where i want them to be!! Great Job!!

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Wow, those are awesome! My sister would be drooling over these, she is sooo into my niece's soccer and would love to have a framed poster of her for my niece's bedroom.