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Did you know you're supposed to keep your stap pads upside down?

And if you did, why didn't you share that secret. I've been wondering why my ink pads only last a few days.

Well I know now and from now on in, all my pads are upside down to keep the ink close to the surface rather than letting it settle on the bottom. Just FYI if your stamp pads seem to die as fast as mine did.

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I didn't know that. Interesting!

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Thats why the Stampin up and Close to my heart ones are built the way they are. I had no idea until I bought some of those ones and I asked..LOL

I wasted a bunch of stamp pads before this myself..

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I did know that. Sorry, I didn't know you didn't know! LOL! I think I learned that at a Stampin' Up party I went to years ago!

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I had no idea! need to flip mine when I'm back in that room later. Wink

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I did know that too and didn't even think of sharing that. All mine are upside-down in my shelf.

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I knew too but I use the Stampin Up ones, so I don't really think about it anymore...

You should also store your markers horizontally...

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I didn't know that, thanks for sharing!

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I didn't know that I gotta go flip mine over too!!!