Star Mini Album Tutorial (really neat!)

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Star Mini Album Tutorial (really neat!)
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i LOVE that!! Thanks for posting it ... I hope I have a chance to make something like that.

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Wow! So neat! Is it just designs or did you put pics and stuff in there? Very cool. TFS

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that is so awesome!!!

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I guess I should clarify -- it's a tutorial from someone else. I can't paper scrap worth a lick!

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That's really cool! TFS!

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That is so cool Beth! Yours' turned out perfect!!!!!!! I'm so glad you posted the tutorial, because I've seen these before and always wondered how they were made. I can't wait to try this.

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That's a neat tutorial. I like it because it's not that difficult to do. I think I could handle that. TFS!

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that looks so awesome!! i might make one of those for my sons room! (well when he gets his own room)

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that's awesome. i bookmarked for in a few months. i saw one at a small scrapbooking store by my in laws but the owner didn't have the directions handy, said she'd have to get them for me and never did.

you just made my day