The Start of Sister's **Wedding Album**

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The Start of Sister's **Wedding Album**

I got 6 pages done last night after K was in bed. I've decided to keep it really simple. I'm going to be making approx. 40 pages, so simple is good. Wink Please tell me what you think. C&C!!! I don't know why, but I'm actually nervous about doing this for my perfectionist twin. lol

Note: None of the pages are in order yet. I will put them all in order when I'm completely done. I am just picking and choosing pics right now.

My two faves are these first two
"sealed with a.....Kiss"

and a closeup

"Love is...."


Should I add "Mr. & Mrs. ____" or "_____" or something to this? I guess I may wait and see and if this is the first page I will do something else with it.

And I'm really stuck on these two pages. I don't like them at all and want to re-do them, or add a quote on the left page. What do you think?

Getting 6 pages done in just under two hours really made me excited about doing her book. I feel like I can actually get it done by Christmas. Lol

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Those are great! I think you should add the "Mr & Mrs" to the one page, or something like "The story of Mr & Mrs" ...

As for the ones you don't like, I like them, but because it's a double page, I think if you moved the picture on the right-hand page up a bit so it's more in the middle of the pic on the left page, that might make it more symmetrical. I would repeat the flowers, if you have more, on the left page as well, they're really pretty.

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i love, love, love them. as for the bottom set, i do not think it needs something. asymetrical is good sometimes. as for the mr. and mrs. i think you should wait and see how the book will be organized first. you might make another page later that you would rather do that on. that happened to me with my carson book.

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i like trina's idea about putting flowers on the opposite page (bottom, double page). love love love the 2 white doves flying over the heart. and of course, i really love the kraft paper Biggrin sarah is going to love this!

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Beautiful Charys. Does she know you are doing this? Is it a x-mas gift? So good!!

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BEAUTIFUL!!! She's going to love it, I know I love it and it's not even for me. Smile

I would put Mr & Mrs on that one page if you're using it as the front page, I think that would work well.

And for the "I Do" double page, maybe on the left "do you take this man ... ?" Anyhow, just an idea, but you got some good ideas above too.

Can't wait to see more!

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Thanks for the good ideas girls! I can't wait to get back at them again. I'm going to do what some of you suggested with the flowers, etc. on the two-page layout I'm not liking. I'll post pics when I'm done.

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I think they are all really nice. Love the colors you are using!

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Those first two are just amazing! I LOVE the simplicity of them while all the attention is on the photos! Great job!

I do think you should add "Mr. & Mrs." or something along those lines on that page. It looks great like it is, but it would still look good with a title/quote.

As for the last two....maybe add a few flowers on the left side.

You did an amazing job. She is going to A.D.O.R.E. this! I want you to do mine! Biggrin

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What a fantastic thing to be doing for your sister. She is going to flip when she sees them. You've done a great job so far. I love that they are simple and the focus is really on the photos.

I don't really have any other ideas other than what's been said. You've gotten some really good advice.

Can't wait to see more!!!! Smile

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These are awesome! I love the simplicity on them, they complaint the pictures beautifully.

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Nice job! I'm really loving the kraft paper as a base. There's so many possibilities with it.

I sooooo love your first page! It's beautiful. Of course, your other pages are too. Wink

I think adding some flowers on your last left page would balance them out perfectly.

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I love them all. I see what you mean w/ the 2 page LO. I like the LO of the right page (don't change it!), but maybe try adjusting where the pic is on the left page???

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definetly put something on that Left page you are stuck on... a quote wpuld work great!
all in all i LOVE it so far...
great colors!

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What a beautiful bride!
She is so gorgeous!
I love the pictures so much Charys! THe pages are absolutly wonderfl!