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    Default Starting Over (P365)

    So the more I look at the LO's I did, the more I am not happy with them (totally typical of me, I can rarely finish anything, huge problem), so tomorrow I start again. I think I am doing one page a week vs. two and hoping to catch up this weekend. I am totally OCD, but anyway, I will post the updated weeks. I am probably crazy for even attempting this.

    So, how long does it take you to do a LO start to finish, just curious?
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    If i wasn't happy with it I would do it again too. That is just how I am. i have a box of at least 500 pictures that I HAVE to scrap, but when I had pics printed this week I reprinted a few that I scrapped already, because I am not happy with the layout. Just silly probably when I have so many that I haven't scrapped yet, but I need to feel happy with it.

    If I have limited interruptions it takes me about 1-1.5 hours sometimes. I never have limited interruptions though, so it takes more like 3-4 hours lately.

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    it takes me forever to do a LO because im a "sit and stare at it" kind of person.i dont know how to break that habit! lol i would say it takes me probably around 2 or 3 hours for one LO.

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    Usually at least two hours, but like Angie said a lot of the time I am interrupted so actually it can be a LOT longer than that!

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    I'm not extremely OCD about my pages, but in Jan I made a two-page layout for my brother's visit and I hate it. Since then, I haven't been able to rescrap it or do anymore pages for 2010. I'm stuck. I hate rescrapping but won't move on until I fix those pages. Ugh. Hence, I'm back scrapping in 2007 for a while.
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    I don't re-do pages because I just want them in books already. some of my first pages which sucked are still nice to look back on to see the progress I've made

    If I am doing a page in my own books I usually take an hour or hour and a half...if I am doing the daycare pages then I do them in about 30-45 minutes because I have So many to get caught up on and want them done...I just have the stack of their pages ...i don't want to put them in the boko until I get the others done because I know some are past moments that need to be scrapped. It's funny that I care that their pics are in order because in my own books they are all over the show. lol
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    I have been considering redoing my 2nd week page... it's the only one I made a 2 pager. I thought your's was cute, but if you aren't happy, by all means, redo it before you print!

    Oh, and if I use a template, it usually takes me 2 or 3 hours, if not, probably 3 or 4

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