Stepping Down

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Stepping Down

Hey my sweet friends!
It was a hard decision to make, but I've decided to step down as moderator. I have absolutely loved every minute of it, but life is just too busy for me right now. I am so sad about this, but know it's the best decision for me, my family and of course the board. I haven't been able to post nearly enough lately and between work, pregnancy and motherhood I needed to re-evaluate some things.
Anyways, I am certainly NOT leaving you Blum 3 (yes, you couldn't get rid of me that easily....haha) but will just be stepping down as moderator.

:bigarmhug: Thanks for your awesome support!!

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aww that's too bad...but I totally understand your position! You're being spread a little too thin at the moment I think ...take some time for you and your family :bigarmhug:

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Totally understand hun. Smile

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Aw man! You better keep posting though.

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You'd better not leave us all together! I know you have more ideas in that head of yours that I need to lift! Wink

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I understand too! Just please, don't leave us!

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aww man! we still love you anyway! Blum 3

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We completely understand!!!! And my scraplift folder and I are really glad that you're not completely leaving us! Biggrin

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So glad you're not leaving us completely, but I totally understand too! We love you!

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I know that was probably not an easy decision have been such a source of inspiration, help, and support to me and many others on this board I'm sure. I hope that this frees you up at least a little more to have time for other more important things, and I am doubly glad to hear you'll at least be around. :bigarmhug:

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the cheese stands alone, the cheese stands alone, hi ho the derry-o the cheese stands alone

just kidding! (for those wondering, we do have a replacement for Stephanie already, just not announcing until it's official)

you know I totally understand, I've been in your shoes. will definitely miss you on the mod team, that's for sure. and definitely won't let you go anywhere, I'll email you if you try disappearing. heck, I might even call you and give you the "what for" if you do that. Wink

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hahaha, you do that Gwen....only because if I leave it probably means I'm dead. Blum 3

Nope, I'm sticking around!!!! mwuahahahaha, you'll never get rid of me. :::::evil laugh:::::

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I understand but I don't have to like it at all. I'm just going to remain in denial about it all.

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Hahaha, Charys! I am having a hard time picturing you and your dainty little voice doing an evil laugh!!!! Lol

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You are/were a wonderful mod, thanks for everything you have done. I can only imagine how full your cup must be these days. I hope you have some time to relax and breath. I will definitely miss you as a mod but I'm so glad you are sticking around.

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I completely understand Charys. i'm glad you're sticking around though - there's no way you could leave us! Smile

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Hugs! I totally understand.

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totally understand, just don't ever leave us or we will come and find you lol!

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Sad You are amazing Charys, and we don't blame you one bit. Life is hard. I am glad you are still sticking around! Biggrin