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Still around...

Sorry I haven't been posting much. Shiloh is keeping me busy and on very little sleep. I do lurk and read all your posts. You ladies are doing some great pages!!! I have been scrapping Christmas presents though. I'll see if I can post them for you soon. I did post an update on Shiloh on the adoption board for those of you have confessed to stalking me there. Wink

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I haven't been around much either, but just wanted to say:

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Oh yeah!!!! Please post your scraps of Shiloh over hear once in a while. I desperately want to see them. Smile

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So you mean we have to stalk you over there again?! Wink JK of course, but we'd love to see some updates on sweet Shiloh!!

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I'm off to go stalk Wink

I can't wait to see what you scrapped for xmas.

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I'm off to stalk too!

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Just saw this! I am off to stalk as well. I am so happy for you! Can't wait to see some new stuff from you! Biggrin