still no camera

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still no camera

Uggg! We got word that its at the panasonic place now. THEN they have to wait to have it shipped back to the manufacturer, THEN maybe back to us. IT looks like it'll be a really long time till we have it back, or a new one. The problem is that we dont know when, or if it'll be the same camera, a new one, a upgrade, down grade... So we (read DH :roll:) seem to think that we should get a new BETTER Biggrin camera. Maybe a rebel, or something similar. But then what would we do with two functional cameras? take millions of pics I know, but really Wink Any whoo. long story short, Im only able to provide my lovely imput on your great and fabulous work!! Untill my camera comes home...

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I would be completely lost without my camera. It is one of my fears. I take tons of pics every day!

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UGH! I hate that you are having to wait this long to get your camera! I saw go buy the camera YOU want and sell the other one WHEN you get it! Biggrin