stinkin' new machines

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stinkin' new machines

So youknow all those boxes I made? The ones you put photos on to each little flap? Well the boxes are about 3inches x 3 inches tops I need tiny pics. The whole reason i made them all was cuz I could get tiny prints at our nearby Superstore ....well I went in this weekend to print some and they put in all new machines that only do 4x6 and up! ARGH!!! So annoying...anyone know any where I can order online to do it ? I loved those machines Sad lol

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Oh no! I love those boxes. I think Wal Mart does a wallet size - not sure the dimensions

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Do you have a photo editing program? You could do 8x10 sheets and put a bunch on them? I have no idea where to get smaller prints though. I totally lvoed those boxes, I am planning on making some for Christmas presents!

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Oh gosh!!! I loved the boxes too. I am also doing some...already got my pics printed. What I am doing is decorating the boxes, maybe adding a pic or two if I can get them on there and then just putting my bigger pics inside and the person who receives it can store the pics in that box, if that makes sense. Not sure if that will work for you, but it's what I'm doing. Smile GL Karen!!

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Gwen had instructions on how to max out a 4x6 or 5x7 with pictures.

With just a little photo editing, I'm sure you could add pictures to a larger size print and then cut them out.

Good luck!

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Yep, I recomend photo editing.

I know lots of places do wallets, you could cut those down. That is what I did for my exploding box.

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you can put two on a 4x6 Wink

if you don't have Picasa, download and use that to create a "collage" of two photos for a 4x6. I also do 4 on a 5x7 - works great!