Stinky Valentines!

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Stinky Valentines!

OK, I guess I'll be piled up on the couch for V-Day b/c I'm sick (again)!!! We have so many sick kids at school and now one of those kiddos has given me something again!! :dontknow: I don't get it I usually don't take things from them but I was sick last week and now here we go again!

DH and I tried to go eat Mexican tonight and go to the store and it just wiped me out. UGH! I think I have a sinus infection.

Luckily I'm not a huge fan of V-Day and wouldn't want DH to do something for me on that day that he wouldn't any other day, I'm not really all that into chocolate, and roses make my asthma act up, so I guess its not up on the list of favorite holidays for me.

But, I do like hearing mushy stuff. So, what's the plans for V-day girls?

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Going out with my hubby to the town that's actually got a Target. We're gonna shop for household things then also for things for our upcoming Florida trip. Then to dinner together. We have a wonderful friend watching all the kiddos. I'm so very excited!!

Hope you are better real soon girl!

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Aw. I'm sorry you're sick... that's not fun. Sad

We made valentines for each other while I started supper that the kid's picked out. (Spaghetti shaped into a heart and breadsticks to make the arrow going through the heart). Then the kids did a dance show for us. Then I worked the convenience stand and the kids ordered snacks. Then my son took our movie tickets and showed us our seats. My 4 year old was in charge of the lights. Daddy was the movie projector worker. We then enjoyed Igor as a family (well, Katie was put to be about 10 minutes into it because she was overtired.) Oh, and the kids gave me a sister and brother Willow Tree sculpture that so very perfectly mimics their actions you'd think it was carved based off of them. My husband made me a card too... it's sweet.

So that was my Valentine's Day. (We work tomorrow)

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(((HUGS))) and hope you feel better Kelly!

We never do much because we're usually so busy and have other places to spend our money. So no romantic mushiness from us! LOL We'll probably go out to lunch on Tuesday to avoid the crowds.

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I'm sorry you're sick Kelly!! {{{{hugs}}}} Hope you feel better soon. Scott (my DH) is also coming down with something. UGH.

We were going to go to San Angelo tomorrow for dinner, but since Scott is not feeling great and everything will be so crowded and insane anyways, I'm going to make ribeyes, twice-baked potatoes, spinach salad and we'll eat the cupcakes we baked today for dessert. Then
i don't know, maybe rent a movie and just hang out?

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We had a babysitter I paid for at the mission trip auction LAST YEAR over to watch the kid. We went out for drinks and a little food.

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I'm sorry you're sick BOO~ :P.

We are going for takeout at a local italian place and bringing home tons of carbs and fatty foods.

Then we'll put DS to bed and cuddle while we watch a compromised movie, maybe Serendipity (AGAIN)

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Since Xavier will only stay with a very very few people (about three to be exact) we had already decided to go out to eat as a family. So when we asked Xavier about it...this is what he said...

We are also going to rent a movie or two.

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Sorry you aren't feeling well. Sad

As for plans....nothing. Randall is working, so Ruthie and I are headed to a b-day party.

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Sorry you're sick! That sucks.

We didn't/aren't doing anything for V-day. I told dh that since money is tight all I wanted was a card (which he forgot to get me, so whatever). We are going out on Tues. night to a movie (we have gift cards), so that's kinda our V-day celebration night.