Store-bought cards

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Store-bought cards

I had a lot planned for this weekend and it's my BIL's birthday on Oct 1st, so I decided I was going to BUY him a card. Yes, I drove all the way to the store and proceeded to waste 20 minutes of my day (which could've been spent scrapbooking!!!!) trying to pick out a card for him. But after searching and searching I couldn't find the right one so I drove home and made him one! LOL! I guess I've made homemade cards for so long now it's hard to buy one. I will get a pic of it tomorrow when it's light out. It's really not good, but I never have liked men's cards anyways. Anyways, pointless post really, I just thought it was funny that I thought I'd "save time" by going to the store and getting a card when that took longer than making the card from start to finish.

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I've bought some rather plain blank inside cards before and jazzed them up with a stamp and ribbon when I needed to send out a bazillion thank yous after Katie was born. I was desperate but I just couldn't leave it alone completely.

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That is too funny! I know exactly what you mean, though! It seems like it would be faster to just buy one, but it takes me a lot longer, too. Especially when you figure drive time, waiting in line, etc. And if you have to take kids, loading them in and out of car seats and trying to get them out of the store without buying a hundred things? Forget it!!!!

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LOl that is really funny!

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That's hilarious!!!

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you crack me up!

can't wait to see it. Wink

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I can sooo picture you doing that Charys. I bet your card is brilliant!!

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You are too funny!

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that's so true!! Wayne and I forgot a card when we went to mail a present at the mall and thought "let's save time and buy one"....i could've walked the 20 mins to my house and made one in the time it took us to pick one that "worked" LOL

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ROFL That's too cute! It's amazing how picky we get after making our own huh? If I forget one, I don't even buy one.