The Story of Mom and Dad LO - my first LO!

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The Story of Mom and Dad LO - my first LO!

I finally finished my first LO. This will be a page for Kaylee's baby book. I used the colors we had in our wedding. The photos are when we were dating, our engagement photo, and a wedding photo. I put scraps of paper over some of the journaling to cover up names of towns, etc., so imagine it without those scraps of paper! Thanks for looking!

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That looks great! Loved how you summed it all up on one page!

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What a wonderful keepsake. Your lo will love it! Great job.

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That was such a GREAT idea to put a page all about you in the baby book! I would have never thought of that, but that will mean soooo much to your girl later on. You did so well too! Congrats on your first page!

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oh, that's such a cool idea! and I love how you used circles to journal the story of you and DH. that will be such a treasured page!

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What a wonderful page! I LOVE everything about it. What a great idea! Well done! I might scraplift that! Biggrin

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Thanks so much for the nice words! I had so much fun, and I finished my second page this evening, so I'll try to post it soon. I'm definitely hooked. Biggrin

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Ohhhh, I can't wait to see your second page! You did so well with your first...I'm impressed. And yes, it'll hook ya BAD. Biggrin

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Great job, a great first page!!

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What a great idea! Incorporating how mommy and daddy met is a great page to include the little one's scrapbook... Great job!

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What a sweet, wonderful page! I can't believe it is your first!

Great job and keep crankin' 'em out!


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That is great. I like that you did all of that in one page.

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thats great Smile

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What a great page!

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that is great. You make a beautiful page for your first page!