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I made this this morning for my SIL. (the text below delightful reads "causing great pleasure, brings smiles to others"

delighftul Balcom children copy

How obvious is it that I transplanted the second child onto some grass? I did not have a decent picture of him without a bunch of distracting stuff in the background.... oh well...

OK... i changed the child a little bit... is it any better??
delighftul Balcom children edit copy

ok well i found a different photo from her facebook page... but it's blurry... if i can get her to send me the original photo I don't think it will look half bad..
delighftul Balcom children edit again copy

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I didn't even notice at first- until you mentioned it. But yeah, it is a little obvious! Much better edit in the second one. Hopefully you can get the original fromher, cuz that one you can hardly tell!

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cute! I do have to confess that I noticed the "transplant" before I even read your comment about it. Sad but the version with the different picture is much better!