Stroke of Creative Card Genius :)

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Stroke of Creative Card Genius :)

Thanks to your tips, I went a little scalloped edge paper crazy. Dirol I *had* to do something with some of my paper, so I made cards. LOL

"King of my Heart."
The brackets and crown cut from Cricut.
"Birdie Love Note"

"Queen for the Day" (my personal favorite...this one is going to my MIL for her birthday in February)

Cricut was used to cut the crowns. My new rubber stamp set was used for the swirl.
"Happy Birthday"

TFL! I sure had fun tonight!

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Those are great! I love the edges you made!

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Charys - those are BEAUTIFUL! You know what I hate about your posts? They make what I do pale in comparison. Lol So I'm saving them in my scraplift folder to use later on. I totally am taking that "king of my heart" card to make for DH for V-day, that is awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I struggle with creative ideas for my cards (I have one to post, but I don't know if the recipeint lurks here, so I'm waiting until after her birthday to post it :lol:) - what is your inspiration?

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Wow! Great use of pp I love them all.
I have been stuck on a title for my daughters page on her being a model. She works for Kohl's and boston store often so I want to do a page on her with her hair stylist and makeup artist to show her how she is paying for her own collage. Maybe I could use Queen for a day since they pamper her like crazy.

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those are great!

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Wow! Those are really good! I can't get myself into another project! The books are enough! LOL

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totally awesome

day by day you ladies are really making me realize that i need to get a cricut asap

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Holy cow you made some AWESOME cards! Biggrin I LOVE the scalloped edges. How did you do them? Did you use a tool? Just curious! I love the king of my heart....gonna have to share that one with my sister!

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I *LOVE* the King of my Heart card. The crown is SO CUTE!!

And...your scallops look nummy!!

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Wow! You made some really nice cards and they are all so different too. Your MIL is going to love her birthday card. It is so pretty.

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Thank you all. ::blushing:: Gwen, I cut so many extra crowns, while I was at it, so I was trying to figure out what to do with a crown and make a card for Scott. I had the chipboard heart and was sitting there completely stumped for almost 20 minutes. Then it just hit me....King and hearts...."king of my heart"!! LOL And I always cut extra hearts, brackets, photo corners, crowns, stars, etc. whenever I have my Cricut going, so I had the brackets in my ziplock baggie and put those on there too. I don't cut extra letters, just the shapes, so I can stockpile and it's easier than loading paper and doing it over and over.

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Sadie, I used my circle cutter and just traced half-circles on the back of the paper like Ash suggested. Then I cut them out by hand. Smile That was totally not my idea, so I can't take credit for it. I sure love the technique though!

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Those are gorgeous!

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Those are great, I like King of my heart too!!! Lots of ideas. Where did you find the ribbon you used on the last three cards?

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it's actually lace I got at Walmart for only .30 cents a yard! I picked up 3 yards.

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Those are amazing!! I stink at cards, but your post motivated me to give them a try again...SIKE!!

Very cute cards I really like the king one!

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Love them!!! You should go into business. Then I would have somebody to buy great cards from.

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