Stylin' layout

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Stylin' layout

My DD and her mohawk from the other night I picked up this kit for $1 on Black Friday!


Kaitlyn, at 9 months old your hair is getting so long! We decided to give you a mohawk after your bath to show it off. You look so cute, and so... STYLIN'.

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Very cute! I just love the picture Smile

Your layout is great as usual. I'm so envious of your style!

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Hahahahaha...we did that with our baby girl at about that age too. How cute. Great LO

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That's so cute! Love the title!

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cute! i like the journaling around the square. great kit!

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Beautiful job! I love everything about it! Biggrin

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great layout. I really like it.

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Woohoo! Now I don't have to hunt you down and make you scrap that pic anymore. You did a wonderful job.... I love it!

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i got some cool stuff black friday for a buck too! was very excited!

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Love it! I like the stiching and the journaling!

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I adore how you did the journaling. I need to remember that. What an amazing LO! The stitching and the title is too cute!