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My Mojo is gone...probably cause I worked so much this weekend and it required more brain power than usual ROFL

The co-worker I sold a wedding card too needs another one for a different wedding. I don't want to do the same one I did last time so I need suggestions. The wedding colors are burgundy and gold.

I thought about using the wedding cake from the card on the Wild Card Cart and using pop dots to put it on the card. Would you make the cake white with burgundy embelishments on the cake. If you did that what color card would you use. I'm at a loss on the gold color.

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I like your idea so far! Hmmm... gold color? Are you thinking brushed gold? Or shiny?

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If you do the cake w/burgundy details I'd use Kraft paper. Seriously goes with everything!

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like Ash said, Kraft would be really nice with a white cake and burgandy accents. If you don't have Kraft...something in the tannish-cream category.

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I also like your idea so far. Do you have any gold paper? You could cut out three small hearts in the gold and put them in a row at the bottom of the card? Just a thought.

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you could do a white cake with burgundry accents and somehow incorporate gold mini brads or some beads as another embellishment to the cake... or around the cake. Hmm if I think of something else, I will get back to you.

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Okay I made a card...I'll post a pic later. But I didn't even stick with my original idea Sad I went to AC moore to look for gold paper and found this awesome paper with gold swirlies on it...You'll understand when I post a pic tomorrow.

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Glad to hear you worked it out Kebrina. Anxious to see pics!!

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Can't wait to see what you did!

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can't wait to see it!