Suggestions please :)

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Suggestions please :)

I'm new to digital scrapbooking and I am looking for suggestions on which program to use. I purchased Print Master 18, but I did not like the program because of the difficulties of being able to share projects and it's incompatibilities with Vista. I want a program that is above basic, but simple enough to use. I want to be able to share my projects through email etc... Also, I want something that comes with images, backgrounds, clip art, etc...and the ability to download freebies from web sites. I'm looking at doing to trial for photoshop elements and want to know what other programs I should consider. Thanks for any input!

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I'm a paper scrapper so I can't help but wanted to say hi and welcome anyway! :wavehello:

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Hi and welcome!

To solve the sharing problem, in most programs, you need to "export as" and save your file as a jpg. It's different than just save as.

But that doesn't solve the incompatability issue, though.

I use PrintShop myself. It's very simple to use. But in some ways, it's not advanced enough and doesn't have a lot of special effects to choose from.

I hope that helps a little! Smile

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Thanks! Your suggestion worked perfectly and I was able to export my project and save it as a JPEG to be able to share. The program works with Vista, but sometimes it will freeze up and stuff. I researched a lot of programs and I think I might just stick with what I have for now. I think Photo Elements will be more than what I need.

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Welcome Lindsay! I don't digi scrap, so I won't be of any help. but I have to say, your siggy is DARLING!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Hope you stick around! We'd love to see your work and get to know you better.