Sunday QOTD

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Sunday QOTD

What have you got planned for today?

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here's my list:

1) get an old mattress out of the house
2) go grocery shopping
3) get a shed-load of photocopying done for daycare stuff
4) clean toys
5) start on birthday cards I need to make (will post when i have some as i know I've not done anything since the crop)
6) Put on some Christian tunes and just chill out before work tomorrow

Hope you all enjoy your day!:D

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clean carpets
valentine cards
go to Michaels and buy floral to cover back of dining hutch

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1. clean bathroom

2. mop and sweep

3. 2 birthday cards for birthdays this week

Then after that's done DH and I will probably take Kayson to the park. It's such a pretty day!

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we're home from church
fold a load of our laundry + finish washing miles' laundry
wash a few dishes
maybe make dinner Lol
go to the store

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Finish making the dip.

Start on the meatballs.

Take a very long very hot shower

Go to BIL's to watch the Superbowl commercials and eat lots of fattening foods.

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I'm taking care of DH who is nursing a horrible tooth and oldest DD who injured her sholder. Both are taking some massive drugs so it is a little commical around here!! I'm scrapping in the quite time and waiting for the game to start.

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I do church stuff from about 6:30 am until about 1:30. So that's the biggest chunk of my Sundays.

Now I've run to the store, put more salt on our parking lot, ate lunch, did a load of dishes, and sat down to catch up on posts.

Then I plan of starting a new scrap page. Ooops, can't forget that I gotta switch some laundry around. And hopefully taking munchkin outside to play in the snow while it's fairly warm and sunny.

Dinner and bed for LO.

More scrap time for me. Smile

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since I was late on is what I did so far...
I already went to urget care, picked up my Rx, and picked up lunch...
then it was laundry, cleaning up around here, cleaning both bathrooms

still up...get food set out and watch the superbowl with DH and our 2 friends (a small affair, thank goodness since everyone here is nursing colds)

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I'm late on this one. We drove to Nashville and went the to zoo. They were having Zooper Bowl today. The weather has been great this weekend.

We just picked up pizza and we are settling in to watch the Super Bowl. I don't have a team and I'm not even that crazy about the NFL but its still fun to watch.

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Got up and watched some Dr. Quin (DH got me the DVD's for x-mas)
Ate breakfast and did some laundry
Ate lunch and got ready to go out
grocery shopped
Made hot dogs in crescent rolls and served them with peas and shrimp cocktail (Peter would eat all the shrimp in the ring if I let him)
Now I am reading post and nursing a supper upset baby boy I ate some ketchup yesterday and today he is screaming (DH has a tomato allergy and thinking this little man must too) as he has hives too

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Had DD's birthday party! Tons of fun, but I am pooped!
Now just cleaning up and watching the game. Smile

Pics if you are really bored:

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I'm late posting on this one...

We went my Mom's to pick Noah up he was there for the weekend so I could have time to study.

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