Sunday QOTD

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Sunday QOTD

Do you collect anything? If so, what?

I don't think I have any permanent december I was collecting iCoke points to try and win a trip to see the polar bears lol. I had 26 entries to the draw but still didn't win Lol

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Stuff! We have way to much junk. We don't really collect anything though.

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Willow Tree figurines! They're my favorite!

I wish I could say that I collect cats, but my hubby wont let me have anymore ROFL I ONLY have 3 Wink

I DO have raccoon friends (9-11) Opossums (3) squirels and neighbor cats that are my "friends" Lol I had a church friend ask me if "other people" could see these "friends" ROFL YES, they are REAL critters Wink

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I guess I would say owls. I LOVE owls. My school mascot was the owl. Our school had to consolidate back in 2005, so it's something very dear to me. I want more, but it's something I treasure. Biggrin

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I collect baskets. I have most of them above our kitchen cabinets, but also have them throughout our house storing things like blankets, Miles' books, recipe books, etc.

I also love Willow Tree figurines.

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"sadieruth" wrote:

I guess I would say owls. I LOVE owls. My school mascot was the owl. Our school had to consolidate back in 2005, so it's something very dear to me. I want more, but it's something I treasure. Biggrin

I'll have to send you some owls from the Wild Card cartridge. I'll get them in the mail this week. Smile I didn't know you collected them!

Does Cricut carts count?!?!? hahahahahaha That's my favorite collection.

Seriously though, I collect baking stoneware. I don't even use metal or glass cookware anymore. And I collect sentimental trinkets from places I've been or something that means a lot to me. (like the Willow Tree figurines)

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I used to collect Disney mugs and books. Like the nice Disney books. I have about 15 mugs and 12 books. I would probably still collect them if the Disney store didn't leave the mall. Sad Are candles considered collectible things? LMAO.....I have over 200 in the house. I'm really, really trying to not buy more, but it's hard w/ new fragrances coming out.....I'm on a mission to use them. LOL

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I collect Charming Tales (the mouse ones only) and the Willow Tree Angels that are about family.

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Dust! I think I collect dust! LOL Well, at least my house does anyway. Wink

I don't really have a personal collection of anything.

Mostly of our accumulations are of dvds, music, books. We have thousands of each!

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Charys- you are too sweet. I am hoping that soon I can purchase that cart. Wink

I LOVE the Willow Tree stuff too. My favorite one is the one I have of a Grandma and a baby. I received it when my g-ma passed away.

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I have a bunch of Willow Tree and they're now displayed in our china cabinet. I love lighthouses and globes though too... So our house is very map/ship/sea based in secular decorations. (We're also practically a religious shrine between the stuff we like and the stuff the church gives us *thinking* we like it.)

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Quotations, books, and digital scrapbooking supplies! lol

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Do cloth diapers count? I have over 100 of them.

My big collection is Barbies our bedroom has shelves a foot and 1/2 from the ceeling all the way around it full of the collectors ones and I have totes and totes of them (pink boxes) in the basement that I am thinking of selling to make some room. All my dolls have never been open. I too have moms original barbies and the cases from the 50's she did play with them but has all the parts and original cloths they came with, and all the dolls they made at that time. Ken looks funny. But my best one is a doll covred in alstralian cristals she is the 2000 barbie and mom gave her to me for my wedding shower gift it is not only my most expencive one but somthing I tresure since it is the last one she gave me before she passed. She used to buy them all for me and since them DH now gets me 1 every year for x-mas even years we are strugling he has been known to save his lunch money and not eat so I can get just that under the tree. It is his way of helping me keep mom here by keeping her tridition going for me even if we only aford 1 new doll a year. Some day I will pass them on to Tessa.

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I think DH would definitely say I'm collecting scrapbooking stuff! Biggrin
I recently started collecting Willow Trees (the last few years). I have been collecting Precious Moments for a very long time. DH started buying them way back when we were dating. I have LOTS now. This is the 1st Christmas he hasn't bought me any b/c I'm not sure my curio will hold much more.

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What haven't I collected lol.
I love vintage coke stuff (like turn of the century-1960's)- but along the way in one of our moves what I did have was misplaced/lost, so now all I have is a tray.
Lighthouses- I have different lighthouse stuff scattered through out the house.
Mary Moo Moo's (they are like precious moments but are cows)
Thimbles from places I have been.
I used to be "addicted" to buying candles, and had a nice collection going.
I also used to collect the classic Fisher Price little people stuff (the wooden stuff) had a nice collection going for that to, but in one of my moves there wasn't room for it so it all got donated to the goodwill (where I hope kids got the stuff).
I also collect dust! Wink
Oh and I have a collection of porcelain dolls, most of them were my grandmothers. My mom/aunts gifted them to me when we were cleaning out her house after she passed. They have been in a box now for like 8 years because I can't come to a decision about how I want to display them (I know I want them covered/sealed in some way but thats about it).

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I've never really collected anything but I started collecting Willow Tree Figures at Christmas

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I collect Precious Moments as well.

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Hmmm, do scrapbooking supplies count, lol? Seriously though, I collect Disney movies. I'm not a big fan of sequels, but I do collect the original cartoons.