Sunday scrapbooking (3 layouts and cards)

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Sunday scrapbooking (3 layouts and cards)

I was productive today! :yahoo:I'm really cramming in layouts right now....even if I don't spend as much time on them as I'd like. I want to get Cohen completely caught up by next week when I return to work.
I wish Flickr had an "in between" size. This is too big, but I like how you can read the journaling better. :/ Sorry if they take you guys forever to load the pics...I'll just post the layouts this big.
My fave of the three..uber simple, but I love it.

"Momma's Littlest Joy"

"Easter 2010"

The "easter basket" embellishment is from Happily Ever After. It was originally filled with apples, but I modified it a bit. Wink

My friend and I went in together and bought the Texture Boutique! Yahoo She is going to store it at her house, because I don't have the room, but I can borrow it whenever. We are both buying the had fun trying it out today. I can tell i'm going to LOVE it!!!!


fish are from Animal Kingdom, "hello" and blurb are from Wild Card.
and the inside:

Kayson helped Momma make this "mater" card for his Canadian pen-pals. Biggrin (Karen's daycare kids) He picked out the cut, the background paper color and everything. Smile Then I let him "help" make the cuts and assemble. Karen, this will go in the mail tomorrow....

and just playing around with a monogram card...

I promise this one is not bent...guess it was how I was holding it before the wind knocked it over.


I can post it now that the recipient received it. Wink It's all from Pagoda except for the present which is Joys of the Season.


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Your LOs are perfect to go with those gorgeous pictures! I especially love the first one. It's beautiful!

And your cards are so cute. I love the texture you did on the waves.

And you have a great little helper. Great job Kayson!

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the LOs are just adorable. i love that Easter pic of the boys!!!

and the fishy card is just too cute!

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The first LO is amazing! I also love the Fish "hello" card with the neat texture.

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I am so happy to see you got all those LOs done girl. THey are all so good. I love that Easter picture of them. Looks like C is smiling. Smile I am sad you are going back to work next week. Wow that went fast! Your cards are adorable too. Did you find the texture botique at Michaels, cause I never see it at mine. Hmmmm

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Amazing as always. The LO's are simple and yet they are perfect. I wouldn't add a thing!

DS1 is sitting on my lap and got all excited when he saw he is asking where McQueen is:D

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love the colors of mama's littlest joy...the colors on the LO go well with the colors on the pic. and that fish card is too creative and cute. Love all the different textures you used on the cards. I haven't used my texture boutique enough. I should put it to work more!

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Wow. I am totally in love with the littlest joy page. I had the flower a long time ago, and did NOT use it like you did. Yours looks amazing! The journaling on the first one makes it perfect. Love the Easter photo. K looks soooooo grown up. Where did the time go? And C looks like he's smiling! SWEET! The fish cards totally put a smile on my face!

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thank you all!

"K9Trainer" wrote:

Did you find the texture botique at Michaels, cause I never see it at mine. Hmmmm

I bought it at
With an extra 20% off coupon! Super cheap!! And well worth it.

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I'm over here stomping my feet, it's not fair!!! ROFL I'm so jealous of your craftiness AND the time you have to do it. I am loving every single one of the things you posted. Saved several to my 'lift folder. And I totally love how you used the embossing on the cards.

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Everything is absolutely AMAZING!

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"Breen31806" wrote:

Everything is absolutely AMAZING!

I second this! Wowee! Well, of course I love my panda card Wink THANKS AGAIN btw! You rock Biggrin and that is so cool that Kayson helped make that card!! You didn't need to do all that when our letters haven't arrived for him yet though! lol. You are on the ball Wink They should be there in a couple days Smile

I love all your layouts but my fave is the first one...aww....:D Unbelievable cards too! I need to get making some cards! I keep gravitating towards layouts...usually it's the other way around though so I am taking it while I can get it. lol

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great job! as always.

Kayson is SO big now!!!! He's a little man! Cohen is just the cutest little thing ever~!