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super score!

So Friday night I had to make a sign pointing guests to make a turn for my moms wedding. I finally got my cricut out for the first time this year. I got super mad because I didn't have any mats that were in good condition. so I had to wake up the baby and head to michaels....and guess what.....they had cartridges on sale!!!!!! They were $49.99!!!! I bought two. I was so excited I actually let out a little squeal in the aisle and freaked out some lady...but I blamed it on the baby ROFL

I forgot to take a picture of the sign Sad and my aunt packed it up last night and took it back to her house with the rest of the stuff so I probably wont ever see it again :boo:

I had to share my score....and I also got some organizational stuff too so I can start to get my stuff out of the closet!

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that's awesome! bummer no on sign pictures though. which carts did you get?

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Yay for a good score! I too wanna know which cartridges you got. Wink

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Woohoo, that's awesome!