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swagger wagon

another LO...I am just as shocked as you are that i got one done Lol

journaling reads: we rented a van to travel to Blacksburg for Allison's graduation. We needed extra room to take Nana and Great Grandpa with us. Mommy really liked the van...too bad we had to return it Monday!

The only thing I don't like about this one is that the font of the title doesn't stand out a lot...but otherwise, it came out pretty good, considering the sketch I had for it was simpler at first.

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is there anyway you can cut a shadow version of the title in white? it would mean peeling the title off, but I agree that it needs to stand out more.

it's a very cute layout, and the topic cracks me up. I mean, you did a layout on a rental car, and I love that!

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I thought about that Gwen...cutting out a shadow in white. the only issue is I welded it in my gypsy (randomly pushed the letters closer together, bumped some higher and some lower). I might be able to just cut the letters shadow versions unwelded and put them under the current title...manually welding them so to speak Lol

eta: or I could redo the title...wouldn't take that long.

and I HAD to do a LO on this...if I can't have a van with all the bells and whistles like that one, I must commemorate the occasion ROFL

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Yeah, I didn't even see the title actually. LOVE that you did it on your rental car too. So cute. And a great LO!

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nice job. I think the title is OK... could pop more, but not necessary.

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Ooh, I love the ribbons and buttons! Very fun LO!

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Great layout. Fun, busy paper but your journaling stands out and it all looks good. Too bad about the title.