Sweeeeet friends <3

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Sweeeeet friends <3

Again, I received two more beautiful cards in the mail!!! Thank you so very much Ashley and Carrie. They really touched me. I've been dealing with some issues at home, and these really cheered me up.

From Carrie:

Isn't the paper tearing a fabulous background? I just love the blocked letters too!!

From Ashley

This is the cutest giraffe ever! I've cut this many times, but have never shadowed him like that and just looooove it! The heart and button are so "Ashley" and make it darling!

Both of these cards brought tears to my eyes! xoxo

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Awwww...those are sweet! LOVE that giraffe too, and I always love torn stuff! I am a big fan! That is so Ash- I agree!

Hope everything is okay at home. I'll be praying.

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oh, I love those cards too!

that's a great idea for the torn paper on a card, never thought of that. and I ADORE the giraffe!

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Very sweet girls! Hope everything is ok Charys!

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Awww...that card actually looks good when YOU take the picture Charys. Smile Ashely's is adorable!!!

Hope all is okay now girl.

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awww what sweet cards!!!

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Thank you guys! Guess I should've clarified....I'm doing fine, I've just dealt with a horrible toothache since the beginning of my pregnancy. I was finally able to get it pulled this morning. It was wearing me out mentally and physically. Never dreamed a tooth could hurt so bad in all my life. The nurse's very words when they saw the abcess on the xray were "how are you even living"?? Needless to say, it was BAD. Thank the Lord it's finally out today and hopefully I'll get my first few hours of solid sleep tonight. It's been almost 9 months since I've gotten any solid sleep. Sad Thank you for the well wishes! My mouth is completely numb right now, but oh it's heavenly. Wink

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Ugh, I am dealing with a bad tooth right now, so I know the feeling. Sad Glad you got it taken care of.

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cute cards!! Nice job ladies!

Charys I am glad you got that tooth sorted! I know it was causing you some grief :s

Sadie I hope you get some relief soon!

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oh Sadie, you've no idea how much I empathize with you. I'll be praying that yours can be taken care of soon. Does it need to be pulled?

thank you Karen!! xo

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Ahhh love them! Wink I read this earlier, but forgot to post. I was hoping everything was okay at home, so glad you're finally getting some relief!

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Ugh. So sorry about the tooth. Can they not pull teeth while pregnant? The cards are adroable Smile