Sweet Pea LO

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Sweet Pea LO

I need to go through and chat it up with y'all, but here's a LO I finished the other day.

This is Caleigh at almost 7 weeks old. I can't believe how long ago that was! LOL

my little sweet pea

Kit is Amy Stoffel's Hi Sweet Pea and the green font is from her kit Precious.

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It's just too adorable! Love the Boppy pillow cover you have and how you used it to tie the whole layout together.

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Me too! I have always loved sweet peas. Smile Great work Beth. TFS

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thanks ladies. Smile That kit was too cute to pass up. Another designer just came out with another "sweet pea" kit that I'm very tempted by. LOL

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this LO is great! i lovee that boppy cover!

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That turned out adorable!

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That is so adorable - great clusters!