Sweet Sixteen and Thank yous

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Sweet Sixteen and Thank yous

I made these yesterday evening....

I cut "16" from Alphalicious, "sweet" from Jasmine...very simple, but I like it. I hope my friend's daughter does too. I'm just hoping it isn't too young girly...what do you think?

And I loved this paper and was trying to figure out what color to do the butterflies in and I thought the one color I like with turquoise and green is black, so I cut them in black and actually like it. I never thought I'd like black butterflies! Smile The butterflies are Home Accents, greeting is Beyond Birthdays. I made two of these identical, because I loved the colors.

and another similar card...not so fond of colors, but oh well.


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They are all beautiful Charys. That 16 card is just amazing...she's gonna love it. And I think the black butterflies are GREAT!!

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LOVE the thank you cards! and id be excited to receive that sweet 16 card and im 21! lol

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The first thought in my head was WOW! Love those black butterflies! That sweet 16 card is just perfect for a 16yr old, not too young at all! love it!

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16yr olds love bling and that card screams bling. Love it!

Love the card with the black butterflies.

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I could stare at your cards literally for hours, those are gorgeous!

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brilliant cards! I don't think that 16 card is to young girly at all. it's perfect Biggrin

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Beautiful! Biggrin

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Love the paisley paper on the sweet 16 card! It's not too young at all. Love those butterflies, and I DO like the colors in the second thank you card. Maybe it isn't a typical Charys color combo, but it is nice!

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Great Cards I love them!

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I love the cards, The sweet 16 is not to young, I think it is perfect!!! I also am loving the black butterflies. Beautiful cards!!! Smile

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Beautiful cards!

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I saw these the other day but forgot to reply. love them! awesome use of colors.

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