Sweet Surprise..

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Sweet Surprise..

Sorry I havent been on here since my original post. I lurk but I havent done any scrapping since my first album.. The mom really liked it and enjoyed it as a lasting reminder of how much time our children spent together..

So now I can scrap for myself and to help me out someone at my church left me a surprise gift bag with alot of new scrapping supplies. 3 pads of layout paper, stickers, punchouts, baby punch outs, scissors and these rub on things.. I was in shock that someone would spend that kind of money on me plus they didnt leave a note of who is was, so now Im trying to figure it out. They do a secret pal thing, but I wasnt involved so it was just out of the kindness of their heart..

My next idea was to do something with my dd baby book which is about 9 years old and falling apart. Has anyone scrap'd a babybook?

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Hmmm...I"ve never scrapped a baby book. But I'm sure you'll get some great advice here. Glad to hear alls well. How cool that you got all that stuff as a gift. Nice to know there are still decent people out there eh?

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What an awesome surprise!
I'm working on the kids 1st year scrapbooks right now. It's been crazy scrapping pictures from 4 years ago and seeing how much DD has changed!

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wow that IS a sweet surprise! Biggrin :D Biggrin

to answer your question, I haven't scrapped a baby book before...my sister who is 28 weeks pregnant just asked me if I would make her baby a homemade baby book ...so I will keep an eye on your post for ideas from the ladies. lol

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Well this is what I came up with so far. After realizing that the only way to see both sides of the baby book paper was either to get an album to fit an 8x10 or make copies of one side and then scrap the original and then scrap the copy. So I made copies, even though it was on white paper I was okay because I had color behind it. Now I just have to add the other little things, u/s pictures, and more decoration.

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Never done a whole book (of any sort) - but how nice of someone to give you a bunch of supplies!