Swimming LOs (3pics)

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Swimming LOs (3pics)

Here are some LOs I just finished. There are 3 of them, but the first one will be on a previous page, so I didn't try to match it to the other two.

Overall, I'm pleased with them, but I wouldn't mind suggestions.

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First of all, if those aren't the cutest pics I've seen, then I don't know what is! Smile Look at her swimming so well! Good for you taking her to lessons!! I love the LO's....no suggestions.

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Love the LOs! She is too cute!

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These are adorable!! I love the colors. She is going to be quite the little fish!!

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How wonderful it that!!! They los are great and good for you for getting her started so young. It looks like sooooo much fun.

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what a big girl swimming! she looks like she enjoys it. you do too. Wink great work capturing it!

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I love these - she is such a cutie! My favorite one is the one with all the circles. I think your design is great, and you used some excellent pictures!

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Thanks. I like how the circles turned out as well.

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I love the second one with all the circles! FABULOUS!

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these are all so fun!!! love the circles - you really used them well.


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those are great
I like how you circled the faces--nice touch

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great Lo's.... so inspiring. TFS

you reminded me that i need to get back to finding a swim class for ds and i to go to during the week. he absolutely loves his pool at my parent's house and loves it whenever we go to the beach and vaca so i think it's about time to find him a class. Smile

looks like you two had a blast