Swimsuit LO!!

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Swimsuit LO!!

this was today at the beach with a friend... and i actually let her take a picture of me in a bathingsuit..... and i actually like how I looked Smile
So i just had to scrap this before I went to bed to end the night feeling happy about myself Biggrin

Thanks for checkin it out

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Wow Beckie!!! Congratulations...you look awesome and I bet you feel so good too! Good for you! Great LO! Jealous you actually can scrap the SAME day tho. Smile

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You look FANTASTIC! And what a cute LO, too. : )

And no idea if you are interested or not, but the lady that does Digital Daisy Freebies just had WLS...do you follow her blog? She has a health blog too...I enjoy reading it and seeing her ideas for meals and following her progress.

Anyway, love seeing YOUR progress, and again...very cute...you and the LO!

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Awesome! so glad you feel good about it Smile

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cute LO! congrats on the weightloss and feeling great about yourself...you look awesome!

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You look amazing! And I love how you did the journaling strips!

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whoo hoo! you go girl!

I LOVE how happy you are here!!! 81 pounds, AMAZING!!!!

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