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tags and card

I made SIL a Christmas card to send her a gift card (she is my swap person for our grab bag). I kinda lifted Charys's design for her Christmas cards with the reindeer and its placement. Here is the card and the inside:

I also made these tags for our gifts. I made 6 of each kind. I wanted to use regular curling ribbon, not fabric ribbon, but I couldn't find it in my box of wrapping paper and stuff. Oh well.

If I get my stuff together faster next year, I hope to send more things with MIL to her craft shows. She makes ornaments and Christmas decorations and sells at shows. I sent some door knob hangers with her this year and she sold 3 out of the 6 I sent with her. Maybe next year I can make some cards and tags. I should start now, haha!

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that turned out darling! I love the "list" inside. And great work on the tags too!

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That list inside is so cute! Love it.

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Very cute. TFS