Talk to me about die cut machines!

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Talk to me about die cut machines!

I am about to start a baby scrapbook for my daughter and I really would like a die cut machine. Ideally I would go in with a friend and we could share the cost but I haven't asked around yet so that may not be an option.


Who here has one?

What brand do you have and would you recommend it?

How do you feel about the cost (initial and ongoing)?

Anything you want to add?

I am not sure what my husband will think but maybe it can be an early Christmas present. Biggrin

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Hey Kayla!

I have a Cricut. I started out w/the smallest machine (the Personal Electronic Cutter, or aka "babybug") but later sold that and upgraded to the larger machine.

It is pretty expensive, but if you hold out for a deal you can find some great deals. You have to buy the cartridges which are anywhere from $15-$50 but again look for sales, use coupon codes, etc.

I think if you went this route ~ you could start with either the smallest Cricut machine (the babybug) or the Cricut Create. You would get a cartridge or two with the machine, and then if I were you I would buy the cartridge New Arrival. You can go a long way with this cartridge, especially if right now all you're wanting to do is her baby book! You can also use it to make cards for others having babies, etc. You'd get a ton of use out of that one cartridge.

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I have a Cricut Expression and I do love it, but only have 3 cartridges because I just can't afford more. However I did buy the Sure Cuts a Lot program that you can download and then you can cut any True Type Font and pretty much anything that you can create and you can find SVG cuts online too.

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This may be a bit bias, considering I'm Cricut's #1 unpaid spokesperson. Wink LOL!!!


Who here has one? I have a Cricut Create machine, because we live in a TINY house, with no room for the bigger machine.

What brand do you have and would you recommend it? Yes, I'd recommend it, though if you have the space, get the bigger machine to start with!

How do you feel about the cost (initial and ongoing)? To me it's worth it, but it is high at first. Always order your cartridges online...never pay full retail. Or wait until a good sale at Michael's. The best places are Ebay,, and I browse their sites and wait for steals. Biggrin I'm a bargain hunter!!!!

Anything you want to add? If you could propose it to your hubby by telling him how "much money you'll save without ever having to buy cards again" it may help. Wink That's the biggest joke in our house....mainly because I've spent a small fortune on scrapbooking supplies and I'm sure in a million years I'd have never spent that on cards. haha

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This is helpful! Thanks so much.

If anyone else has anything to add, please do. I love getting to hear from those of you who have them.

Charys - I am right there with you when it comes to spending a small fortune. I love making cards though and it's really my only hobby so "saving" money on cards is a bonus! Smile This will be my first scrapbook though.

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I agree with everything Charys said, especially to get the expression if you can. I heart my expression as you can make the images much larger for different projects. You can even purchase it on Ebay with free shipping for $199. Carts can be as low as $15 (or less sometimes) with free shipping online. I've never purchased a cart in the store. With friends you can even have a list of who has what so you can share. We do that with my coworkers. It keeps the costs down. Smile I use it mostly for cards, but also layouts and birthday decorations. Others have used it for wall decor and other fun projects. It is so versatile to use! Come join us cricut addicts! Wink

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Who here has one? I have one also

What brand do you have and would you recommend it? I have the Cricut Expression because my hubby bought for me as a xmas gift and got a great deal at Joannes online store. I recommend it if you are really into adding die cuts to LOs or cards.

How do you feel about the cost (initial and ongoing)? I honestly thought the initial cost was the cheap part, that I dont' have extra to buy other carts, so often don't end up using my cricut all that much cause the carts I have don't contain what I want.

Anything you want to add? IT's kind of like having a gaming system IMO. Great if you can afford games (carts) to go with it. Smile I do like it for the ability to cut out letters too, as opposed to sticker letters, but then you ahve to stick down EACH individual often I dont' even do that. Sad But I know there are programs that you can get that let you combine the letters into words, that would be soooo much easier.

I am truly one of the few on here that is not in DIRE love with my cricut. But I think it's cause I don't ahve a lot of great carts. I have only bought ONE cart, the other four came free with my cricut. And the one cart I bought I have used a lot, even to make pictures to hang in my daughters room. So my opinions are based on that. GL!!

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What brand do you have and would you recommend it? I also have the Cricut Expression and love it!

How do you feel about the cost (initial and ongoing)? The initial cost was a hindrance to me, but then my parents gave it to me as a gift! The ongoing cost is kinda up to you.
I bought 2 new mats when I got the machine (last October) and I am still using them! I am on my third or fourth blade though cause I think one of the packs I got was defective they seemed dull right out of the package. I think I am up to 13 cartridges now (2 came with my machine) and I do use them all. It's not like you have to have that many though. I got probably 6 of them as gifts and the others when there was a really good deal. The most I have ever paid for a cart is $40 (Create a Critter) I normally try to pay $30 or less, shipping included.

Anything you want to add? I have used the Cricut a lot. I have used it for vinyl on my walls, cards, scrapbook pages, and I have made a lot of gifts with it that I never would have attempted before. I also use it for church bulletin boards and things for our annual ladies retreat.

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Ooooh, one thing I did learn yesterday is to have two mats, especially if you're sharing with a friend. It wastes time waiting for someone to take off all the cut pieces from one mat when you could be cutting on another! I should've figured this out ages ago when I was cutting small pieces on a full mat and had other small pieces waiting to be cut a couple months ago, but I can be slow at times, haha!