thank god (OT)

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thank god (OT)

I AM BACK! My internet was down and i couldnt get on for two weeks!!! OMG! I was going through withdraws.

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oh boy! I wouldn't know what to do without internet for 2 weeks! Glad you are back too!!!

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that would be hard! glad it's back up and you're back!

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Ack! I would have to go into therapy if mine was out for that long! LOL

Welcome back. Smile

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Lol It's hard huh? I hate when we have problems! Glad you are back!

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Two weeks!!! I'm not sure I would survive Wink
Welcome back!

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I know I would not survive. You must be a very, very strong woman. Smile
Glad to see your back in business.

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2 weeks? Put me in a mental facility, I couldn't handle that! lol Glad you're back!

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Glad your back!

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OMG! Welcome back! That must have been awful!