THANK YOU all for the good thought & prayers...

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THANK YOU all for the good thought & prayers...

...I GOT THE JOB!!! The lady called at 4pm today while I was out helping DH on a job. I was suprised how quick it was! YAY for good surprises like that. I start April 27th.

I'm so excited and thankful. It's going to be a real positive thing for my family. I am going to be working starting Friday filling in for my friend at her laundromat. That will just be until the 26th (when she returns from vacay) which worked out perfectly with me getting the bank job and not starting until Monday, the 27th. So needless to say these next few weeks are going to be QUITE an adjustment for me...I really hope to stay active on here, but don't know how much time I'll get online. I know once I get my "schedule" arranged mentally and everything I'll be on here just like normal. And I know I won't give up scrapbooking every week/day!!! Wink

At work I will be totally unable to logon to personal internet sites. Sad so....I will be using it at nights from now on.

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Congrats! That is awesome news!!! Of course you will be missed around here, but we will just have to look forward to seeing your stuff whenever you get a chance to post! Smile

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Congratulations!!!! I knew you'd do great and they'd love you!!!

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whoo hoo! that's fantastic news!!!!

I remember when I couldn't log on from work, that was painful! Wink but you'll catch up with us at night, I'm sure.


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Congrats Charys!

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Hurray for the new job! So happy for you! Sorry we won't see you during the day, but it's a small sacrifice, right?

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:boogie: I KNEW you would! Who could say no to you! CONGRATS!!! I am so excited for you! I will still keep you in my prayers b/c the adjustment might be hard, but you are a strong woman! I am thrilled for you!

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congrats!! thats amazing news!!

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That is so awesome! Congrats! Yahoo

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That's great news! Congratulations!!

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Congrats, Charys!

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Congratulations Charys!! That is sooo great!

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So happy for you girl! We will TOTALLY miss you around here and everywhere we see you online. Smile But you gotta do what you gotta do, we'll be here when you can come on.

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WHAT GREAT NEWS!!!!!!!!!! I am so happy for you!!!! You will be very missed here during the days Smile You will be in my prayers that you will adjust just fine. I knew you would get it!!!!!!!!!!!

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YAY!!!!!!!!!! Way to go YOU!!:D:D:D :bigarmhug:

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Yay. What an answer!!! We'll miss you.

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congrats that's great news!!! Good luck with the job


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Congrats on getting the job!

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congrats love!!!