A Thank you Card (winnie the pooh)

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A Thank you Card (winnie the pooh)

Yep, a post with just one card! :/ My hobby time sure has been slashed to almost zero lately!
I made this for my friend that gave me the two cartridges. It took almost 2 hours! :eek: All the different cuts and colors. It's 100% Cricut.

and the inside:

(I wrote my note on the top half)


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That is amazing great job!

I understand about how long it takes...I got home about 545 and started working on a card then DH called to say he was on his way home...he called at 7pm....I hadn't realized I had been in there that long.

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super cute, I'm putting that cart on my wish list!

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Oh, wow! That turned out great!!!! I'm loving the tree...way cute!

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Wow that does look like it took some time, its pretty cool. I'm sure your generous friend will appreciate it greatly since she should know how time consuming these things can be.

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Oh my goodness! That is sooo cool! You have incredible patience to spend that long on a card! I just love all the details!

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Wow Charys!!! That is amazing! She will LOVE it I'm sure.

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that looks great! I know how crappy it feels to have such limited time for doing things we actually enjoy - i'm actually impressed you were able to devote 2 hours! That's a really great accomplishment! (I'm lucky if i get 30 minutes of "me" time a day- at home anyways where I would have access to scrapping).

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very cute card!!! i see why it took ya 2 hours! its awesome

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that card is amazing!!

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WOW! That is incredible!

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Awww, I'm always so impressed with your card, and who doesn't like Pooh?

(We are watching a pooh movie right now, BTW)

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That is amazing!

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Oh Charys, that is fabulous!! I LOVE IT!!

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awesome card!

and I'd give my left foot to have two hours to do ANYTHING crafty these days ...

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I love the cardand that cherry tree! I can tell you took your time doing all the detail with the glitter stuff. great job

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Wow, that is really amazing! I adore Winnie the pooh!