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Thank you cards

(Downloaded these Saturday at the library and did my raindance tonight to share them with you.) Smile

Still miss you all. It's so hard to lurk and not be able to respond.

In answer to the question about my other thank yous... those were stickers. Aren't they great? You get about 20 different size and font thank yous on a sheet... they come on one of those rolls. I bought about 10 when I found them.

Oh! While my son was at a birthday party, I had time to kill so I hung out in the specialty scrapbooking shop in town. I found a $3 clear stamp of a bird that fits with that other set my husband bought for me. So I can use the regular bird, or with a little finagling I can use this ultra cutesie bird that I can use my watercolor pencils to color in. I made one to try it, but it wasn't dry before I went to the library, so I'll upload the picture for you next time.

These are the thank yous for the people who helped with the living room painting and shades. It was hubby's idea to "recreate" what they did. I think the turned out a'ight.

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Those are really cute and very creative! TFS!

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Those turned out perfect! Miss your post

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oh, those are cute! unique, ya know?

can't wait to see the new bird stamp. keep on raindancing!

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You are so creative! I love that you re-created the blinds! Don't you know that it will bring a huge smile to each recipient's face?! Those turned out great!!

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What a great idea to recreate their work, I bet they will love them.

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that is VERY creative! How hard is it to glue crinkly paper down?

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Good question Zene! Miss you Michelle!! Great cards!!

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what a cute idea!! they came out great!

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Good question. I purposely left them loose at the bottom to be more curtain like. It was really easy to glue using Fabrictac. It's a "loose" glue so I could just coat the top area like I would any other paper and then push it on. Unlike flat paper, I held it there for a bit.

Here's the new bird. I just made them on scrap paper because I wasn't sure if I'd like it or not.

Stamped in black and then colored with watercolor pencils.

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I have that same bird stamp and I LOVE it!! Your take with the water color pencils is fabulous! Oh i've done so much with that little fellow. He's probably my favorite stamp..that and my chandelier.

PS Will it help if we all do the rain dance together, so you can keep posting?

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I love them great job and that bird stamp is so cute.

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Those are awesome - I totally thought of your new shades even before I read what you wrote, they're going to love them!

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What a neat idea, so personalized for the actual "thank you" you are saying. Love them!