Thank you Carrie!

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Thank you Carrie!

I almost forgot I won at the last Virtual Crop - until I checked the mail today and my prize from you was there. It's very pretty, can't wait to use them (I'm thinking on cards or something - I'll find some way to use them!). It may have been in the box for awhile, I don't think we've checked the mail in a week or so.

Here is a pic:

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What pretty treats!

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ooo those are pretty! can't wait to see what you do with them Smile

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very pretty!

I can't believe you didn't check your mail for a week! when the mailman didn't deliver for 12 days because of the snow, I was starting to go crazy. I like getting the mail ...

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I'm glad you like them Trina! I felt bad cause I already had the prizes picked before challenges, and both my winners were digi girls!!! Sad But hoped you both could use them for your cards or even your kids could use them.

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Those are adorable!! Can't wait to see how you can use them!

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oooooh awesome!!!

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ooooh that's great stuff!! Can't wait to see how you incorporate Digi and paper mix to use these.