Thank you gals!

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Thank you gals!

I am so grateful for the times we card swapped as it's saved me big time.

In the vein of everything has to happen all at once, along with Josiah's problems, we've had 2 deaths in the family, one on my side of the family and one on DH's. We're referring to them as "obscure relatives that we liked".

One was DH's great aunt. He didn't see her much ever in his life, but we received a card with a long handwritten letter every year. She also wrote him a large check, out of the blue, when he was in seminary. She died naturally, doing what she loved. They found her crumpled at the foot of the stove.

The other was my mother's uncle. I have no clue what that makes him to me. His grandchildren I grew up calling my 2nd cousins. We don't exchange cards, but I have grown up with him, his children and grandchildren. They are all dairy farmers. I still go to the family reunion for that side of the family every other year (it's held every year). It's all my grandma's siblings and their families. It's a huge event. He died from an infection contracted after a double knee replacement.

Both are hitting us... not as hard as an actual aunt/uncle, but enough that we want to send on a card to let the family know how much they meant to us too.

We can't make it to either funeral because of Josiah. I was fretting because I didn't know what to do for a special enough card and don't have the time to take away and make something. That's when I found the sympathy cards from the swap. Phew. Now I have some really nice choices to send on.

So thank you gals for saving me!

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I'm so sorry about your losses. I like how you phrased it, "obscure relatives that we liked". And that's good that you have the cards handy. I always have sympathy cards by Charys in my scraplift folder, and I totally lift away when I need one for that occasion.