Thank you and a LO

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Thank you and a LO

This one deserves it's own thread and a special thank you to all of you...cause I know without this board I would have never made something that makes me smile so much. Smile I have spent probably close to 5 hours in total on this LO, just trying to get everything just so. I did lift it from a magazine, but changed things a slight bit. I just know in my heart that if I hadn't found this board I would never have learned all the things I now know, or every even thought to give someone a LO as a gift. This LO will be part of my niece's birthday present and I KNOW she will love it. I have not framed it yet, but need to as I am scared to death someone will ruin it. Every time I walk past it I smile cause I think it's soooo good. It's my best work IMO, but you all might think it's pretty plain. But you guys can understand the feeling of really loving what you've done right??? LOL Thanks for looking and thanks again for being here to inspire, push, and teach me how to be more creative. Smile Love you all!

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Carrie, I think that is awesome!!!! And I agree, one of my favorites of yours! What a special gift - she is definitely going to love it! I have to ask...was the LO you lifted one that was called Prom and it had a picture of four girls? It looks so familiar to a LO I lifted one time but you did a much better job capturing the overall feel of the LO if it's the one I'm thinking of. Anyway, you did a GREAT job!! Biggrin

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It is totally awesome! Great job!

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Wow Carrie! This layout looks like it came straight from a magazine! (I mean that in every good way possible!) I'm very impressed. She is going to love love love it! I can't wait for you to tell us her reaction when she opens it. Smile

Ah, you're so sweet....this board has helped me soooo much too! I learn new tricks almost everytime I logon.

(((group hug))))

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That page is soooooo worth being proud of!!! It's an AWESOME page! You did a great job! Your niece will really love it. And it's such a personal page with the note you wrote!

And I'll ditto the group hug! You ladies are so creative and I too learn so much just from hanging out with you and seeing your beautiful work!

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What an awesome page - I don't think it's plain at all, it's gorgeous and you can tell it was put together with love! I love the flowers especially!

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Awww..thanks guys!!! I did totally lift it, but changed a few things. I had sooo much fun doing it.

Yes, Katie, that is the LO exactly. Now you have to share your lift. Smile

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Carrie - it is beautiful! She will love it! Love how you placed the flowers and the title on the ribbon or is that folded paper? It looks great all around. Definately, frame it!

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Carrie that page is so ridiculously awesome I'm just beaming over here. Way to go!!!!!

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OMG!!! Is this the same Carrie that was using construction paper months ago! I have never seen anyone advance in scrapbooking as fast as you have! I love that page! I can see why you smile when you see it cause I had to pick my jaw back up. LOVE IT!