Thank you Mish! (Hat layout)

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Thank you Mish! (Hat layout)

Thanks, Mish for the perfect quote ... I STILL didn't end up using that photo, but I did use one from the same day & same hat. Smile

This one took me FOREVER to do - I changed my mind so many times my last layer was #87!!!

TFL! As usual, click for credits.

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that is adorable!

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That is so adorable!!!! wow!

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too cute!

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OMG!! This is way too cute!!!

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Oh my goodness! The brown hat is my new favorite on her! I'm so glad I could help you find the right quote. I love all of Kaitlyn's hats!

You've made my day!

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That is amazing Trina!! The colors on the page are spectacular and the quote is outstanding. Love everything about this one. My new fave of yours I think. TFS

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I LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE this layout. It's perfect.

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very cute!

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ADORABLE! I just love hats on babies! Biggrin

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Sooo Cute! I love the brown hat too, its just so cute on her! Great work!

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Oh my goodness! You could not have made a better LO! LOVE IT! Biggrin

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"spottedjagiwar" wrote:

Sooo Cute! I love the brown hat too, its just so cute on her! Great work!

I LOVED that hat too ... got it from a buy/sell group on Facebook ...

5 minutes after the photos were taken I found the dog chewing on it ... he completely destroyed it. Sad

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That is too cute Trina!! Love all the pink and you did great with the title.
87layers!? Dang, I'm not sure I have ever had that many. My computer would probably freak out and start smoking Wink