Thanks Charys and udpate on me
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Thread: Thanks Charys and udpate on me

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    Default Thanks Charys and udpate on me

    THanks for setting up the pole for me.

    I'm having a grand time in AZ with my dh. I miss him so much and I must say, wow, he is looking mighty fine with all of the academy workouts he is doing

    I'm going to be back in michigan on Monday and I won't be scrapping much for the next 2 months - I'm at my parents house and they have limited space but I will be online checking up on you girls.

    But I can't wait, I only have 2 months and I will be permanetly moving to AZ. I close on our house on Jan 2nd, I'm so sad to be saying goodbye to our first house. And I can't believe I'm really living Michigan. but I've enjoyed myself down here in AZ but I must say, I need to venture out a bit more but Kira had been extremely sick and her sleep schedule is off whack so we have hung out indoors mostly. When I move down here Iwill be catching up on my scrapping and also venturing out into the world of cactus's and palm trees along with looking for a job.

    So I might not be around much but I will be posting and checking things out. i'll miss scrapping and you girls. But I'll be back soon.

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    aw, you're welcome! No problem at all. And what a change AZ must be. I bet you just love it! Take it easy and just get in as much time with DH as you can. We're always here.
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    sounds like you're really enjoying yourself right now, which is good. I imagine you'll have enough of "not relaxing" the next couple of months. I hope Kira is all better now, poor kiddo!!!!
    Gwen, Mommy to Andrew, Jordan, Natalie & Jack

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    Awwww....I hope K feels better soon. I can't wait to see your wonderful work again soon. We miss you!
    Sadie- mommy to Ruthie & Randy
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