Thanks & gift card holder

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Thanks & gift card holder

Thanks girls for the prayers. I can't say we are ok but I can say that we are taking some steps towards being ok. Maybe its better this time because we finally just said we have had enough. I guess I feel like I have a little control back over my life for the moment and I need that. DH feels sure that we will be contacted again about Isaiah. We've decided to move on. I think we both feel like we just can't give anymore to this situation and I feel like its a situation where we will never truly "have" him. May not make sense but its such a long drawn out story and complicated. I know in my heart that I am ready to move on and heal from this and that means letting go. I appreciate all your prayers and support. I feel like its consumed who we are for too long and we are no closer to a resolution today than we were when started in July.

So enough of that for now... I decided to do something constructive today and made gift card holders and wanted to share b/c they are super easy and you don't even have to have a cricut to do them. I got the directions from My Pink Stamper's blog. She made them to hold cocoa but I just measured them to hold gift cards instead. They are quick to make. When you pull the ribbon, the card slides out. Here's the ones I made today.

Close up: I hung them on my tree. Smile

When you pull the ribbon

Her blog is in case you want to check it out.


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Those gift card holders are cute!

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those are the best! I love them. I am going to bookmark that to use for birthday gift cards. I don't give many giftcards at Christmas usually.

Yours look so good!

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You are such an amazingly strong woman Kelly, even though it probably totally doesn't feel like it. I am still praying daily for you. :bigarmhug:

Those holders are awesome!!! I truly love them. How cute and fun! TFS

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:bigarmhug: You are amazing. May God just work in this situation. I'm praying for peace and comfort.

The giftcard holders are so to check out her blog now.....

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You just keep finding the strength within you, I don't know how you do it. And I hate that you've struggled so much with Isaiah's situation. The whole thing seems unfair. That poor little boy, I can't even imagine how he's approaching it all in his head. Anyhow, still keeping all of you in my prayers.

I totally dig those card holders! How clever!!!!!!!

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Good for you for feeling like you are taking back some control. Hugs to you.

And those gift card holders are really cute. I might have to make some of those.

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I subscribe to Pink Stamper but never thought about using those for gift cards! Awesome job!

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You will be in my prayers for quite some time. I hope you find joy this holiday season despite your loss. Hugs!

Thanks for the link, I added it to my favorites. I might not get to it this year, but definately want it for the future.

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:bigarmhug: those came out just great!!! i love em!! and

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:bighug: I'm glad to hear you're making steps towards being ok. I think about you often.

Those gift card holders are so cute.

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so cute! I love them:)

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I'm glad things are getting a bit easier for you :bigarmhug: The gift card holders are awesome, I might have to *gasp* try that!