Thanksgiving centerpieces

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Thanksgiving centerpieces

Here's what Isaiah and I made today for Turkey Day. He LOVES my scrap room.

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those are adorable!!! can't wait to see what you create for christmas!!

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Wow!!!! How cool those are!!! I would LOVE your scrap room too. TFS

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those are so cute...glad you guys can craft together. that is adorable that he loves your scrap room (I agree...I would too)

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Oh how cute! Happy Thanksgiving to you and Isaiah!

How cool that he can craft with you, btw. Smile

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oh my goodness those are just ADORABLE!!!

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Oh my gosh, SO CUTE! I love that big turkey!!

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that big turkey is aweswome!! and we cant blame him, we would love your scrap room too! Wink

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oh, those are great! I totally should do something like that next year. or something like that for Christmas. I am TERRIBLE at decorations, and I just tend not to bother. but I really should ...

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super cute! You guys did an amazing job. Can I play in your scrap room too?

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Wow! That is really good and now you can pull it out every year and remember your family's 1st thanksgiving!

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Those are awesome!

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Woohoo, that's awesome! So glad he enjoys your craft room too! Smile