Thanksgiving Mini-Album made from DonJuan cart

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Thanksgiving Mini-Album made from DonJuan cart

I had fun making this last night. I wanted to do a Thanksgiving layout, but there was too many pics, so I decided to create a mini-album. I chose the house on the DonJuan cart and cut 6 of them out at 5" each. Then punched a hole in the chimney and added a ring to make a mini-album. (that's one of my favorite things about the Cricut, you can take any shape you like and create mini-albums in minutes.)


"thanksgiving" cut from DonJuan


back cover:

TFL, it's simple, but hey, it's done! Smile

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That's too cute! I love the little trees.

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That is really neat. I agree that that is a really cool aspect of the cricut! Smile I like that you chose houses for the album.

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How cute!! I love it!

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that is awesome.

i totally didn't think about using the cricut to make mini albums. will put that in my mental references for the future

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What a neat idea Charys! That is great work and very cute. TFS

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Ah.... you're making me want a cricut again.

What a delightful book!

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How cute is that!!! Oh, please let there be a Cricut under my tree!

I never thought about being able to cut out designs that large and use them for the scrapbook. I usually do a end of the year scrapbook for each of my students. Thanks for the great idea! Nice job

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So neat! Love how it's a house and an album together Smile

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That is so creative and it came out great! I've been thinking of doing a mini-album for Carson's first Christmas that he can pull out of his baby book, since there is so much I want to scrap.

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what a great idea! that is a cute mini album Smile I never did that with any of my cricut carts. I will keep that in mind Smile

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that's awesome! and the journaling is really neat. what a great idea! Love Kayson and his big ole drumstick. Wink

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That's awesome! You always inspire me to do more. I love your work. Those pics are too cute! TFS! Biggrin Guess I need to check out the DonJuan cart!

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i just LOVE IT!

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very cute! Did you buy the house or did you make it?