That's too much information!!!

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That's too much information!!!

... or is it...?

Why don't you come and check out That's Too Much Information!!

Despite the name of the forum there is only one rule, and that is that NOTHING is actually too much information.

Post about your digestion, your vomit, your poo, your dogs poo and your baby's poo. Tell us about your cervical fluid, seminal fluid and fluid from your nose. I want body TMI, toilet TMI, TMI from TV and TMI from personal experience.

Feel like sharing? Want to know if you're normal (or not)? Why don't you ask the masses?

Or do you have a funny story to share about the time you... You know what we're after!

Come and have a look - you know you want to! Lol

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Okay I totally was scared to read this cause I thought it was about my post yesterday. LOL

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ROFL!! Oh Sarah...that is just so you Wink

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Only for you, Sarah. Though you know I enjoy a good poo conversation!

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Lol Sarah, you crack me up!!