there's something to be said for ...

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there's something to be said for ...

taking pictures of your pages outside. Wink Thanks for the great idea, Charys!

I updated my current thread with my new pages, but want to show you the difference between inside with my flash and outside in natural light.

Now, if I could only take the pictures so the pages aren't crooked for you ... Wink

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The difference is HUGE! TFS that with us! Now everyone's gonna think those are digital too. Wink lol

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I know! Doesn't it help so much! Biggrin

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I didn't realize the difference was that huge! *sigh* if only it weren't so windy here. Sad That first one "wrong bottle" really looks digital now!

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WOW!! I can't believe the difference it makes. TFS

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Wow, thanks for the info!!!!! Never thought of that!